Global Knowledge & IELTS

Global Knowledge & IELTS

I knew 2 students who attended  IELTS CoachIng In Kochi, who attended the same class, attained the same knowledge environment, but during breaks one of them spend his time in the library while the other one was reading newspapers, in the common hall room. 

Being one of the best IELTS coachIng centers In CochIn, they provided with the best facilities available, the library had all the books required for one to get all the knowledge he had, and the boy who had been visiting the library often had gone through atleast 3 books a week, which provided with a better chance to evolve his knowledge and improve his command over the english language.

While the boy, who choose to read a newspaper, went through the whole paper a day, that provided him with a better knowledge about the current affairs and also helped him to improve his english, and if you are a student who attend an  IELTS TraInIng Centre In CochIn, being a master in the english language should be one of the prime reason.

When both the boys got their result, both have the same score of 8.5, so what does it prove? What I meant to say that both Global knowledge & IELTS must go hand in hand. Not only to provide you with a better chance to have good IELTS score but also to realise the power of english and to maintain or improve on it.



What is Global Knowledge ?

Global knowledge is something you attain from the outside world, something you experience out of the box. Apart from studies you need a first hand experience about the various topics available around you.

Let’s take an example for Global knowledge, a kid dropped out of school, works at a mechanic garage and by the age of 20 he masters all the “If and buts” of a machine, he studies the art by talking to other experienced mechanics, which is global knowledge. Things that can prove to be essential to improve your language skills , general knowledge, know-how and many other factors need to be freshened. While some students who attended the IELTS Academy Kochi and had spend their time on books or papers, while a few who went out and had a better chance to learn more about the things happening around the world.

He went from place to place learning things in a much better way, for example he went to see a drama or went to a farm and plucked a blueberry, spoke to various amount of people and went out with friends and discovered something new every day. Meeting new people and gaining more knowledge can help you in the same way you spend an hour or two in a library.

Global knowledge is just the knowledge one archives through talking and understanding, if you have a good communication skill and you are a good listener you can attain global knowledge in a much easier way.


The International English Language Testing System is an exam for those who wish to have a better chance to work, study or migrate to a country like USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada where english is spoken as a national language. There are many countries  where english is spoken as an official language, but in the countries mentioned above english is spoken by the majority of the people.

With the rise in the number of OET and IELTS coaching centre In Ernakulam, you can assume that there are more people who wish to migrate for studies and work in foreign land. As it provides you with a better chance to provide yourself with better opportunity and work experience.

Global Knowledge & IELTS

Global knowledge provides you with a chance to know more about your surrounding, You can have knowledge about all the topics available which can help you during IELTS exam.

IELTS exam consist of reading, writing, speaking and listening, If you have some global knowledge you can provide yourself with a better chance to excel in those exams.   
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